My most important values for any IT Project

— Security

Security first! It must drive every-decision that I take, and it is the last thing you won't have to worry about.
These shouldn't be a reaction after a breach, it has to be a proactive measure. And in this day and age, failing to do so can mean the life or death of the whole business as it can easily lead to liabilities that no one is likely to welcome.

Some of the security technologies that I'm used to work with: TLS v1.3, HTTP/3, SSH Tunnel, Encryption-on-Rest

— Reliability

Now matter how cool a feature is, if they are not stable or glitch at times, business will be hindered. I always try to deliver solid software that people can rely on and use every-day.

Some of the technique I use: Message Passing over Shared Memory, Memory Corruption avoidance, Golang.

— Speed and Performance

With the wide variety of devices and the typically large user base, it is important to keep all users satisfied. One of the many factor that greatly impacts user satisfaction is the speed of the application that they use. In fact, many studies have shown that few tens of milliseconds can directly impact conversion.
I have always been fascinated by the many ways softwares can be made fast, and with my experience, you can be sure you have the right partner.

Typically, I would use the following language for performance while keeping that values dear to my heart: Rust, Nim, Golang

— Maintainability

Usually, software companies will build a particular software with a team with tight schedule. And because of this, they sacrifice many things, including the maintanability of their product.
In the long run, it leads to many issues, like Security vulnerabilities, increase in the required efforts to add new features, ... With the time allocated, I strive to reserve the time to ensure it will be as straightforward as possible to continue each project.
This directly translates to savings for you, my client.

Some jargons: Docker, Microservice architecture, Test-driven, Integration Tests