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PKRCurrency.com, revamped (Pakistan)

Pakistan's leading Realtime Currency exchange website

The website allows professional currency traders to get realtime quotes for a lot of popular currencies, from EUR to PHP and Gold. It provides a proprietary formulae, one that is used by professionals only in Pakistan for lucrative trades.

This project has the highest level of technical achievements in all currency-related services in Pakistan, period. It uses latest Web technologies to present a great deal of features with minimal impact on the environment in terms of energy and network usage and efficiency.

Visit it at www.pkrcurrency.com. While it is not free of charge, you can request to get a temporary account for demo.

Netino Consulting (France)

Research, Technical validation, Implementation

I have provided Technical consulting and Development services to Netino.fr since 2016. I worked to validate certain technology if they would fit the company's needs and requirements.

I initially worked on modifications of ffmpeg, the popular open-source project for manipulating and dealing with video & audio data. Anyone who have already looked at this project would know that it is a massive project and navigating your way in the source code is a pretty challenging task in itself. We were successfully able to reach our goals with the modifications and situations that were previously difficult to deal with is now handled with ease.

I also conducted the research in order to enable a new product for Netino, based on the new WebRTC feature of modern browsers. It allows customers to call an operator while navigating a website. This is to maximize conversion and to help customers during purchase, and may be give them advice and suggestions.

I also provided my expertise with open-source projects in the modification of CEF (Chrome Embedded Framework) to enable native support for H.264 and MPEG-TS file format. Netino has a product that makes use of this framework on a daily basis. This project has enabled them to fully support and use the most popular media formats on the web, and hence, be able to support more clients in the process. The MPEG-TS native support also enabled them to create web applications that process various streams that are in this format.

ARTISTIC Studio (Madagascar)

Easy to use app for a high-end and welcoming beauty shop in the capital of Madagascar

We created a fully integrated iOS app for managing everything, from daily sales, employee records to a unified dashboard that makes alerting and monitoring straightforward. It had to be beautiful, adhering to the color of the environment itself and fully functional on a 12-inch iPad as well as iPhone XR devices.

The main goal was to allow the owner of the business to follow, down to every details, what's going on in the shop while not physically being there. We incorporated a chat system with push notifications that allows connected participants to instantly receive important messages as soon as they arrive. The application also works even without internet connection, an important feature since the shop is connected on fiber, meaning that there is a possibility of malfunction; in case of failures, it would still continue to work and would automatically synchronize as soon as the connectivity is back up.