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Performance Tracks

I compose, arrange and mix my own tracks. Here is a simple list of Karaoke/Instrumental tracks. At this time, it is very limited because I had just recently begun a partnership with a payment gateway.

Songs by title:
  1. Broken -- as made popular by Shekinah Glory
  2. For Every Mountain -- as made popular by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
  3. ... more to come!

For a DEMO of the kind and quality of tracks that I produce, check-out my

YouTube channel


All audio tracks can be delivered as separate files for your own mixing for an additional charge; this excludes MIDI deliveries. This option is perfect for choir looking to produce CD/DVD of their own.


As a Music Director in my Church, it is mandatory that I know the world of music.

I cultivate my talents by playing also as the Church keyboardist. Moreover, I also compose and arrange the tracks that our Church choir use to sing during every-services. With that being said, I also mix our tracks, and during concerts, I take the role of Sound Engineer and take care of all that the audience hears.

All these adds-up to many years of experience in the field of Music and Audio production.


All songs have been authored, arranged and mixed from start to finish by myself, Elie Zedeck RANDRIAMIANDRIRAY.

Get better music, contact me.