Specifically tailored for your business

The Sky is the limit

This is where I started from, and now I specialize in building custom applications that are designed and built to respond to your business' critical needs. I use language technologies such as C/C++, Python, Go, JavaScript, node.js, PHP, ... and many others.

But it all goes down to the experience of knowing which tool to build what kind of solution. Anyone can learn any technology if he/she wishes, but knowing the right tool for the job is another whole story.

I have built many kinds of Applications, from Finance, Networking to Social apps. The sky is the limit on what can be done!

Adapts to your existing system & devices

As much as possible, I build products that works well with what you already have in place.

This is most often a major issue because people are used to what they already learned before. I take long and hard steps to make it possible for your customers to make transitions as seamless as possible that changes will be be welcomed rather than avoided.

Works with what you have

Driven by Challenges

Challenge promotes improvements

I bring value to products in doing what's right, and not what's easy. This is the very center of everything I do.

With the high speed life that we're living today, it's easy to get tempted to get to the end-result fast, and in the process, we're starting to compromise everything. But for me, this is a core value.


Network and what can be done with it are really things that never stop to fascinate me. And with this massive passion, I have made myself a name associated with what's a Network enabled application should feel like.

Proxy, VPN, Traffic Shaping, Custom Filtering, etc... you name it. I've been there, done that... And these days, I work on my own implementations, that are obviously better. If I build a Network-enabled product for you, you can be sure it's in the hand of an expert.

Advanced expertise in Network

Made for Human

Easy to use Applications

It really isn't interesting if one can build a terrific App but in the end, only a handful of people can benefit from it, isn't it? And as a human being like you, I know what it means to be frustrated by poorly designed softwares that seem like the developer is the sole user.

You customers will enjoy solutions that just works and are easy for them to use, easy as smiling.

Have a business idea? Let's make it a reality: contact me.